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Learn About Our Licensing Program Which Supports Canada's Youth At Risk 

Established in 1994, the RCMP Foundation is a not for profit organization that manages the commercial use of the RCMP's image and protected marks in a RCMP Program to give back to Canadian Communities. Manufacturers around the world can apply to become associated with the Foundation.
All product ideas are created with the help of the RCMP Foundation staff to ensure that the product is representing the RCMP in a positive and accurate manner. Once a submission has been approved by the RCMP Intellectual Properties Office, a contract is signed between the manufacturer and the RCMP Foundation.
Products bearing these seals of approval are officially licensed and serve to strengthen Canadian Communities.

Why should I become a licensee? 

The proceeds from this program have contributed over 3.5 million dollars to over 750 community initiatives across Canada, in areas such as drug awareness, youth programs, crime prevention, victim services and internet safety.
The funding of these programs would not be possible without the royalties collected from the sales of RCMP merchandise. The RCMP image and it's marks are trademark protected
and cannot be produced without the consent of the RCMP Foundation.


To learn more about our licensing program contact:

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Director of Licensing 
RCMP Foundation
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