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The Mountie Shop is a Not-For-Profit Corporation (830595-1 Corporation) established in 2007 to support and enhance the RCMP Foundation’s initiatives. The Mountie Shop specializes in providing high quality, Officially Licensed RCMP products representative of Canada's iconic National Police Force to both the RCMP and the public. Net proceeds from the purchase of sales from The Mountie Shop go toward supporting community organizations who partner with local RCMP members to implement programs aimed at investing in Canada's youth at risk. 

The Mountie Shop currently operates six programs across Canada:

The Mountie Shop On-Line
Email admin(at) about product or order questions/concerns.
Email the webmaster at webmaster(at) with issues concerning the website.

The Mountie Shop  – Online 

1230 Old Innes Road
Unit 408, Docks 9 & 10
Ottawa ON K1B 3V3
Toll Free: 1-877-241-8181
Phone: 613-741-8181
Fax: 613-741-4281
Email The Mountie Shop Online themountieshop_vanier(at)

The Mountie Shop - Musical Ride Centre (Open to the Public) 

1 Sandridge Road
Box 8900
Ottawa, ON
K1G 3J2
Phone: 613-741-4285
Fax: 613-741-5083
Email The Mountie Shop at tours(at)
*For information about tours, please call or email us at the information provided above 


The Mountie Shop - RCMP National Headquarters (Security clearance or escort required) 
73 Leiken Drive
M Unit 209, Mailstop #56
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0R2
Phone: 613-823-9789
Fax: 613-823-9062
Email The Mountie Shop Leikin at themountieshop_leikin(at)



The RCMP Awards of Distinction is a service to provide a fair and equitable system for recognizing all RCMP employees (RM, CM and PSE) and it enables managers, with budgetary discretion to choose awards so they can extend timely and informal recognition to all employees of the Federal Government, partners from outside agencies, contract employees, and volunteers who are a part of a team with RCMP employees.
Visit the RCMP Awards of Distinction at website to learn more.
Email RCMP Awards of Distinction at awardsofdistinction(at)